Weajor Evangelical Church First Anniversary

Pastor Musa Sheriff, speaking on the topic: ‘Jesus is the Savior.’
Pastor Musa Sheriff, speaking on the topic: ‘Jesus is the Savior.’
Photo Credit: GCML



In April 2015 the Global Church Movement, led the Student Campus Life Movement during its annual Project Nehemiah, to several towns on the outskirts of Montserrado County. During the outreach with the Gola Language St. Luke’s Gospel Jesus Film, in a particular town, (10) ten persons, who were secret Christians there, made themselves known and requested the Global Church Movement to help them start fellowshipping. However, the Global Church Movement engaged the Jamaica Road Evangelical Church, which has since been overseeing the growth of the church in the town.


Over the two years since the church was started, in the midst of opposition, the membership has grown today from 10 persons to about 85. Members of the church have even started reaching out into two neighboring towns.


On the 30th of April 2017 the church celebrated its first Anniversary. The speaker for the day, Pastor Musa Sheriff, spoke on the topic: ‘Jesus is the Savior.’ He said that Jesus is the Savior of every person, religion, tribe, color, etc. He added that if Jesus is not the Savior of the world then mankind is doomed by finding God through religions.  He said that Jesus found us by extending a hand of Relationship with Him. He further encouraged the audience to make Jesus their Savior because no one has and will ever come to God on their own terms. The speaker asked the people of the town to co-exist as they seek for the savior with an open mind.


The general town chief of the town was very appreciative for the celebration and heartily thanked the church for the work of positively affecting lives in the town.