Underground Church Resurrects With Challenges in Rural Montserrado County

In April 2015 the Global Church Movement, in coordination with the Student Campus Life Movement’s annual Project Nehemiah, reached out with the St. Luke’s Gospel Jesus Film to several towns on the outskirts of Montserrado County. This story is an interesting account that took place in one of the towns. Please note that in this story the names of individuals and places have been withheld so as to avoid religious sentiments.


On conclusion of the Jesus Film showing in the particular town under review, (10) ten persons, who were secret Christians in the town, made themselves known and requested GCML to help them start fellowshipping.

We made the first follow-up visit to the town on June 5th, 2015 to meet with members of the Fellowship that started as the result of the previous visit. During the visit Sis. M. S. who is the praise leader for the New Fellowship said and we quote: "since you left in April we meet every evening for prayers. On Friday’s nights Elder J. G. shares the word of God. We are 17 women and 6 men in the Fellowship now.


 By our second follow-up visit – August 14th – 16th, 2015 – the membership had grown to 27.


On the third follow-up visit to the town, December 2nd – 5th, 2015, we had an all night Praise and Prayer Fellowship on a Tuesday night. The next day, when we met the Islamic community leaders, they showed favor to the Fellowship and allowed them have a permanent place for worship. Furthermore, a young woman who had been accused of making witchcraft confessed that she was sent to make sure that this Church will not survive. The following are other facts gathered about the Fellowship during this visit.




1. The fellowship is growing at such a rate that it can no longer fit in the small room provided. The group has moved to the Deacon’s yard (an elder of the fellowship) and they meet every night.

2. The attendance of the fellowship is now above 35 adults and 40 children.

3. The fellowship has requested the school’s leadership to temporarily use a room in the school building for their meetings.

4. The Jamaica Road Evangelical Church and the pastor have agreed to adopt the Fellowship. They also agreed to take the Fellowship though all of GCML training and the discipleship process.

5. The Evangelical Church deputized a team for weekly ministry visits to the fellowship & town.


In the last meeting with elders of the town, they expressed that once a Church is established; other developments will come to their town. They agreed that as long as the church will live by truth and respect the laws of the town and abide by decent dress code, they will support their worship. They asked the Church to join them in the development of their Town. The major request of the town is for a Medical Clinic.


On Friday January 22, 2016 the GCML Global Church Coordinator for the Western Region visited the Fellowship and reported that though the congregation is now between 60-75 of mostly young people, Sunday services has not yet started. The fellowship is also being frequented for prayers by senior Islamic women as well as their younger adults. Following are challenges being faced by the Fellowship which are also prayer needs:




1. Request to use a classroom of the school has been delayed because authorities are waiting to hear from the District Educational Officer.

2. The land that had been promised has not been granted because the elders are afraid of the fast growth of the evening services & threats from youths of surrounding towns to destroy any structure to be built by the fellowship in the town.