GCML Post Ebola “Here’s Hope” Health safety Campaign

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The Here's Hope post Ebola outreach happened in villages in Rural Liberia with population between 300 to 400 people living in mud houses

In March and April 2015, The project started with the distribution of health safety supplies and food in Rural Liberia A team of (11) eleven pastors and church workers from some of our partners met to form a project team in April. However only four of them continued the journey for reasons we are yet to identify. This post a challenge for us because of limited manpower to continue. However we were joined by the University Student Movement who helped do some Jesus showings. We also had the challenge of transportation but a partner helped us rent his church vehicle.


Thirty (33) rural communities were identified for the project but 18 have been covered thus far. The Jesus Film was used as a follow-up tool following the distribution of Ebola safety material (filtered drinking water buckets, manna pack rice and drugs). Over seven hundred people were exposed to the gospel through the Jesus Film shown in the Gola & English languages, the languages dominantly understood and spoken by the people. We heard several people aloud repeating the sinner’s prayer at the end of the film. 

One of the towns in which the Jesus Film was shown in April was Weajor. On conclusion of the showing, (10) ten Christians who were silent in the town surfaced and requested GCML to help them start fellowshipping. During the follow-up to Weajor on June 5th, we arrived when they had gone for their prayers and the town was very quiet. The town youth leader Joshua John came out to welcome us to the town and asked us to please wait until after their prayers. We went down to see if we could meet with some of the Fellowship members that started as the result of the previous visit. Sis. Mom Soni who is the praise leader for the New Fellowship told us that "since we left in April they meet every evening for prayers. On Friday’s night Elder James Gai share word of God. We are 17 women and 6 men in the Fellowship now. We have  prayers by 7:30 to 8:30PM at Sis Mary Zarzar house. She also said that “whenever we want to meet with all of them we have to inform them ahead of time so that they can stay in town and wait for us. Since on Sunday we do not go on the farm it is a good time for you to meet with us in the evening as she suggested."

Another town where the film was shown in March by one of our film teams was Gborbour Town. Out of 200 who saw the film 45 received Christ. During follow-up in June, Bro. Jared Jacob who is the evangelist assign to this preaching point told us that after a month, the elders in the town who are a different religion had a meeting about what was happening in their town and agreed to ask all the Christians to leave their town. They said their town is too small to have two groups of people worshiping the same God. They also gave them 3 months to decide whether they want to live in town or not. This town has the population of about 450 people.

NOTE:   The names of the people have been changed because of the sensitive nature of evangelizing other religions

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