"Here's Hope" Project

Photo Credit: GCML

What is it?

Speeding up to zero Ebola by educating the Liberian people with preventive measures as well as giving hope in Jesus to ensure a holistic health sustained society.


How and where?

The Project will be used in areas that will be identified as, uninfected communities, communities that have  been infected and now free, (to prevent re-occurrence), Ebola Treatment Units (ETU), discharged patients and quarantined homes. It will  begin by creating a model using one of the described areas in each of the most infected counties or Cities in Liberia i.e.  Montserrado, Bomi, Cape Mount Lofa, Ma-Gibi, River Cess, and will move on to less infected counties in the far East.


Who will be involved?

GCML (Student Movement, Church Movement, Executive Movement, Prayer Movement), Ebola Teams in Communities and Churches in the various communities. They will be equipped to implement and sustain the project.


Who will be benefited & how?

The church, the Community, the government and people of Liberia. The church will expand because of prayer, evangelism and discipleship strategies & tools; the Communities with related Ebola situations will receive compassion ministry; the weight on government will be reduced because of the mobilization and multiplication of many self help groups.


When will it begin and end?

This is a one year jump start project for the period of March 5th, 2015 to April 5, 2016.  Once the project gets on its feet,  i.e. manpower, money and material are being secured, it will continue as a holistic developmental project through the church and the community.