GCML Student Life Movement's need for Back to School Impact

Buckets with Filters & Ebola ETU Care-Giving
Buckets with Filters & Ebola ETU Care-Giving
Photo Credit: Great Commission Movement of Liberia


February 1, 2015

During the peak of the Ebola crises, August to October 2014, the University Students of the Great Commission Movement of Liberia Student Movement did not accept the idleness of being out of school but became innovative by organizing an Ebola awareness campaign called "Ebola Kills, Jesus Heals" in various communities around Monrovia. Each week, they were either praying or on the field.


The students visited several ETU and give hope in Jesus to many inmates. A student’s Aunty became excited with what her nephew was involved in. She raised funds to buy five mattresses for some of the ETU discharged patients, who returned home with nothing to live on. As the result of these care-giving activities, many Ebola patients received hope and bounced back to health (spiritually as well). The students are currently following up several of the ETU discharged.


For the purpose of sustaining the current low Ebola infection rate and reversing it to zero, the Students began a second phase of the Ebola campaign called “Thirst no More.”  During the month of December 2014, they distributed 400 water-filtered buckets in three communities (12th Street, Gbanyan town Todee & Careysburg Township), as sanitary preventive measures, not only for Ebola, but also for keeping other basic illnesses away.


Now that School is resuming, the Students will have to return to school. However, owing to the economic crises caused by Ebola, many of the parents are not able to put their children back in school. The GCM of Liberia has therefore set up a GCML University Student “BACK TO SCHOOL FUND DRIVE” to help these needy students get back to school.  We have seen their spiritual growth and how they have impacted the community. Therefore, we are moved to see them have the same impact on their campuses when they return to school. We believe that if they have the opportunity to return to school, their respective institutions will be spiritually transformed.


We hereby request your prayerful donation to this fund drive for about 20 students from the University of Liberia, Cuttington University, United Methodist University, and Stallas Maris Polytechnic. The average registration fee per person is about US$300.00. The total for 20 students will be US$6,000.00 (six thousand USD).


You can give between $5.00 to $100.00 towards this total amount or $300.00 for the payment of one person. This amount can be paid at the finance office of the Great Commission Movement of Liberia, and an official receipt will be issued to you.


If you live out of Liberia you can indicate your interest via the GCML website (greatcommissionmovementliberia.org) or e-mail (gcmlib2000@yahoo.com) and we will explain how you can contribute from overseas. Another means by which you can contact us is through the following cell phone numbers: (+231-886-550035, +231-770-550035, +231-777-042960, +231-880-729733). Please contact us as soon as possible for any inquiry.