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An evening call came to a GCML Staff, Mrs. Madea Dunbar, inquiring about how to obtain an In Touch Messenger device. The caller, Pastor Samuel Dadsie said that while a friend was visiting him, he heard him listening to the Bible recorded on a solar powered MP2 device, with whom he joined to listen. When the friend was ready to leave he asked for his Messenger which had, for the moment, given Mr. Dadsie hope of getting back into the Bible.  When he asked his friend how he got the device he was told that the GREAT Commission Movement of Liberia (GCML) presented it to him on the day he was being discharged from the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) unit. Mr. Dadsie was able to trace the number of the GCML staff, mentioned above, and gave her a call. His conversation went something like this: “Sister I am almost totally blind and have not read the Bible for a long time. But when I heard the Bible on the messenger I desired it so much because it is the only hope for me ministering again. How can I get a copy?” The blind man was directed to the GCML office. The next week after the phone conversation, Mr. Dadsie came to the GCML office for his In Touch Messenger and excitedly received a copy.