Photo Credit: GCML

Date of event: September 2014


In times of difficulties, God often uses the difficult situation to create great opportunities to serve Him.


Between the months of August and September, the highest death rate from Ebola and other related cases were recorded in the country.  During these dark months, the students of the GCML University Student Led Movement ceased the opportunity to give HOPE to Monrovia by 1) intensifying their mobile prayer chain and 2) doing an Ebola awareness campaign titled, “Ebola kills, JESUS heals”.


In our previous news about the Ebola awareness campaign, we reported that a curfew was imposed from 6am to 9pm right after the first outreach in August. This led to the cancellation of Subsequent planned campaigns.  Little did we realize, at the time, that this outreach had started creating awareness in the adjacent communities.


This became evident in early September when the head of the Kpayu’s Town, Duazon Community Ebola Task Force Team (a community within a mile or two from where the first awareness was done) requested training for 25 members of their community about Ebola preventive measures, as well as giving HOPE in Jesus Christ. This request presented the opportunity to resume the awareness outreach, especially when the curfew had been extended from 9pm to 11pm.


On September 20, 2014, instead of the original 25 to be trained, the awareness took place in Kpayu’s Town with an audience of 75 (seventy five) eager and enthusiastic persons. The GCML facilitators included: Student Fayiah Bouquet, Student Mathew Garway, and GCML Student Led Coordinator Wolobah Taylor.


The host of the outreach Mr. Melvin Yates commented: “you have not only given our community awareness for preventing Ebola but also Hope and assurance for now and the hereafter in Christ.”