Report from: Mr Wolobah Taylor (GCML Student-Led Coordinator)

Date: October 8, 2014



It seems that all you have been hearing, since the Ebola epidemic in Liberia, is Ebola killing thousands of our people Yes, in as much as this deadly virus has become a nightmare to the people of Liberia, there is also evidence that several people that have been infected with the virus are being discharged from centers around the country.


Today, October 8, 2014, we were privileged to have interacted with twenty one people that came down with the virus and tested positive, were discharged from the E.L.W.A - 2 Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) in Monrovia. This center was initially owned and operative by Samaritan Pulse where Dr. Kent Brandly and NANCY were both infected with the virus and were flown to the US. 


Part of our interaction with the survivors that were discharged was the presentation to each of them the In-touch Messenger" with pre-recorded messages of Rev. Charles Stanley and the New testament Bible.  Also receiving this device was Dr. Jerry Brown, the chief medical officer at the E.L.W.A 2 ETU center, two nurses, two workers at the center and the Financial officer at the ELWA Medical Hospital.


Four hours after the distribution of the In-touch messenger, we began making some calls to those that received the device. Isaac Momo is one of those was contacted this evening and after discovering that we were making follow up, he enthusiastically indicated that he had been listening to the device since he left the center into a lonely home where he did not expect to see anyone because his four children , wife and mother were killed due to the virus. Furthermore, his home was looted and was spending the night on the bare floor.  He was asking if we could help him with a mattress. My second interaction was a phone call received from the elder brother of one of those discharged and got one of the devices. His brother who was discharged did not give me any contact number so; I gave him my call card. So, his elder brother who happens to be a Muslim used this card to get in touch and expressed gratitude for the In-touch Messenger.


The photos (from left to right) show Wolobar, wearing shades, interaction with Dr. Brown; explaining the use of the In-Touch Messenger to the EVD discharged & handing one to a patient. Other photos show a student presenting the tool to some of the survivors.












This man lost 4 children, wife & mother to Ebola