GCML Student Movement “EBOLA Kills Jesus heals” Ebola/Jesus awareness Campaign

The Ebola virus is not only claiming thousands of lives in the West African sub-region, it is also dictating the way of life for many others


It has affected our Social life (no embracing & shaking of hands etc ); Economic life (many institutions have reduced their staff, investors have pulled out & business is poor because of restriction of movement, causing prices to soar); Education (educational institutions are closed for time indefinite) & Spiritual Life for better or for worse.


The Students of the University Student Ministry of the Great Commission Movement of Liberia have recognized the Ebola challenges as an opportunity to enhance their Spiritual Lives and that of the Liberian communities for the better.


Because they can no longer do ministry on the University Campuses, when all Universities are closed, they have decided to do so in the communities.


 Therefore the “Ebola Kills, Jesus Heals Campaign” got started as the students met to encourage one another they also extended hands to give hope in Jesus to the Liberian people.


This is also intended to minimize the spread of the virus by educating people against denial, teaching prevention methods & how to report suspected cases as well as overshadowing it all with the Love & hope of the Lord Jesus Christ.


This project was implemented in the Paynesville Thinkers Village Community on August 7, 2014.


It was held in open air each evening for three hours, from 6pm to 9pm. PowerPoint presentations and video clips of the virus cases were tools used to easily communicate the message.


Many who were denying the existence of Ebola became convinced by the Sky News Video of Elizabeth Smith who died of EBOLA in Foya, Lofa County. A WHO video on the approved mixture of Clorox and Chlorine for water mixture was projected.


Each day as we went out, we had the joy or seeing more and more people committing their lives to Jesus.


Although Ebola is killing the body of so many people, it cannot kill the soul because Jesus alone has the power to Heal completely (temporal & eternally), anyone from any kind of disease who come to Him.


 Unfortunately, the imposition of the curfew on August 12 interrupted the campaign at night.


However we are looking for the alternative of continuing during the day.  


We made a flier that carries the title “EBOLA KILLS, JESUS HEALS” With information of Ebola on one side and the message of Jesus on the other.


We are trusting God for resources to produce 30,000 copies of this flier. Your investment towards this is appreciated.


Below is a data of the campaign:



Name of the Community

Number in the audience


Thinker’s Village Turning point



Kpelleh Town Field



Thinker’s Old Field



Thirty Acers Community



At one of the first outings only one person openly committed his life to the Lord by saying the sinner’s prayer.


Others seemed to hesitate but we are certain that many hearts are now prepared for the Lord.


The follow-up of these ones will take place as soon as we resume the outreach.