Even though the normal ministry of the Great Commission Movement of Liberia (GCML) has been obstructed i e ( no large Jesus Film gatherings especially at night, no one-on-one four spiritual laws witnessing, no ongoing Campus Ministry because schools are closed and a go slow on meeting with partners who invest in the movement) and no church Evangelism/Discipleship & pastors Trainings, we are not sitting idle but are ceasing the opportunity presented by the EBOLA epidemic to get the Gospel out to the millions of Liberians who are still in denial of the virus but are opened to receiving the answers to the problem from the Lord Jesus Christ.




On August 22, the Great Commission Movement of Liberia along with her group of ministry partners called Coalition of Relief Organizations Promoting Practical Solutions (CROPPS), visited two hospitals and one Quarantined Community with Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) manna pack rice, Potatoes D food, Wheat rice, can milk, beans, pampers and some medical supplies. These items were donated by the individual partners of CROPPS and the FMSC in the USA.  All of these items were first packed at the GCML office storage center before being distributed by a team of CROPPS members into the three areas mentioned.




Assorted items donated by individual CROPPS members and FMSC manna pack. Vehicles packed and on their way. Prayers before leaving





The first stop was the ELWA Hospital, where Dr. Jerry Brown (head doctor) and Dr. Sycra (the administrator) received the supplies. They said that the supplies were just on time as they were just depleting their last consignment. Dr. Brown said that some of the supplies will be used for the Hospital and the rest will be turned over to the Ebola Center that is near the center.


On arrival at the ELWA Hospital Compound. Dr. Sycra and Dr. Brown receiving the supplies from the GCML/CROPPS Team





The second stop was at West Point, one of the quarantined communities in Monrovia.  The representative of the area, Mr. Solomon George of District 7, escorted the team to the area.  After given the allowance by the soldiers to do the presentation to the people of West Point, we were obstructed by someone else who arrived with rice to be sold. When an argument started as to whether the person’s rice was to be sold or given freely, the soldiers called off the presentation and asked all parties to do their presentation to West Point through the Ebola Task Force office at General Services Agency (GSA). It was pathetic to see the happy faces of the residents of West Point, on our arrival, become sad as we made our exit. The supplies were then taken by the team to the Ebola Task Force office at the GSA compound and presented, hoping that they will be given to the hungry faces of mostly women and children of West Point. 


The Team at the entrance of West Point. Presentation done to West Point through the Ebola Task Force at the GSA office





The third stop was Redemption Hospital in the New Kru Town area, which had just been reopened a week earlier. Dr. Mohammed Sankor, head medical officer of the hospital, received the supplies from the GCM and CROPPS Team. Dr. Sankor said “we are grateful to the Great Commission Movement for this supply, which is not the first time coming to our aid and I know will not be the last time.” He said that after the reopening of the hospital resources were slow in coming but this was an answer to their prayers. Dr. Sankor further said that the hospital had six (6) Ebola cases of which three had been taken to the Ebola center. They were now waiting for the ambulance to transfer the other three patients.


Front view of Redemption Hospital. Dr. Sankor receiving the donated items