Rev. Stanley Nya-bengbay Younquoi
Rev. Stanley Nya-bengbay Younquoi
Photo Credit: GCML

Rev Stanley Nya-bengbay Younquoi – ‘Uncle Stanley’, ‘Our Reverent’, ‘My Man’, & ‘DEAR by his wife Grulie – received his high calling from the Lord on May 21, 2014 It was reported by the neighbors that they interacted with Stanley, talking and joking, as he worked most of the rest of that Wednesday in his corn garden that he planted in his yard. After some hours of work they saw him sit and lie on his back, thinking he was exercising. They became alarmed when he did not get up after a while and tried to wake him up but he was lifeless. When he was rushed to the ELWA hospital, about 2 miles away from his home, he was pronounced Dead on Arrival.

Stanley joined the Lord’s battle field even before he became a Christian. As a young man in his village (Gipo, Nimba County) he helped the expatriate missionaries, who founded the United Liberia Inland Church, translate the Bible into Mano. It was during this time that he committed his life to Jesus. Stanley had a rough upbringing but his life was always directed towards the service of God. He struggled with his father’s choice to succeed him as the next heir of the African Traditional Religious Leadership. He was later sent to live with a Muslim to attend school but was rather schooled in the Koran. He finally ended up in Monrovia to live with a family who sent him to a good Catholic School. Later in his life he again found himself working for the Lord as the Mano announcer at the ELWA Radio Station in Monrovia, Liberia.

In 1984 Stanley joined the Staff of the Great Commission Movement Of Liberia. His first served as the training coordinator of the “Here’s Life Training Center” (HLTC) from 1986 to 1989.  When the Liberian civil crises started in 1989 he and his family relocated from Monrovia to Nimba County for safety & for his wife Grulie to study at the African Bible College. His passion for lost souls and church planting kept him ministering for the Lord even in difficult situations and on dangerous terrains. In February of 1992, Stanley entered greater Liberia (Gbarnga and its environs) for the first time during the war, with the Jesus film, which he brought from the Ivory Coast.  According to Stanley, it was ‘a risky venture’ through security and immigration check points.  However, within a month’s time a church had been planted. At this time Stanley quoted C.T. Studd “if Jesus Christ be god and gave his life for me, there is no sacrifice too great for me to make for him”. On one occasion, Stanley was arrested and detained for 90 days, being accused as a spy, by a warring faction. In 1995, when the threat of the war to life became severe, the Great Commission Movement West Africa area office repatriated Stanley & his family to Jos, Nigeria. While in Nigeria, the Younquoi’s were not idle but spent the 10 years there, doing ministry, earning second degree & and teaching the “New Life Training” at the Jos ECWA Theological Seminary. Stanley was a real church planter. He planted over 100 churches in Liberia from 1986 until now.

In 2005, Stanley & family returned home from Nigeria to take on the role of Church Movement Coordinator, the role he held until his call home.  Stanley, no doubt, played his role with passion & compassion. His last expressed desire was to see economically sustained churches, which he started through an agricultural working plan. No wonder he was called while doing ‘this one thing’ he loved best: MULTIPLYING SELF SUSTAINED CHURCHES FROM THE SOIL. He did not leave great riches but a legacy of being A:

•             Soul winner and church planter

•             Model Husband

•             Loving Father Not Only To His Biological Children

•             Care Giver

•             Wise Counselor On Many Issues, Using Wise Parables To Get His Point Through

Stanley N. Younquoi’s home going on May 21, 2014 was a royal call and an escort by the lord Jesus himself – the kings of kings and the lord of lords.