CHURCH LED MOVEMENT (Global Church Movement)

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Every church should see that its members are witnessing as a way of life so that their communities can be spiritually transformed. The GLOBAL CHURCH MOVEMENT which is a critical component of the Great Commission Movement of Liberia is the resource for the church through the Lay Institute For Evangelism (LIFE), the Great Commission Movement Training (GCMT) and the Multiplying Church Communities (MC2) Training.


The LIFE & GCMT training, which is an exciting concept in Christian lay training, offers in-depth training to lay persons as well as clergymen over a one year period. Not restricted to the classroom setting, the emphasis of the GCMT is application of evangelism and discipleship principles in the participants’ target area, allowing them have a personal ministry in the lives of their workmates. Times are scheduled such that all participants continue their professional schedules.


The MC2, which is atypical for rural church setting, has a curriculum that is designed in a continuous process that involves evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development as well as planting and multiplication of churches, fellowships and home cells.


A key tool for church planting is the St. Luke’s Jesus film


 Since 1985 God has used the Jesus Film to bring hundreds of thousands in Liberia to himself. Through church partnership and teams of trained lay persons the film is used to present Jesus Christ to the unreached, coupled with systematic follow-up. This two hour documentary taken entirely from the Gospel of Luke has resulted to extending the teaching of the Word of God to the illiterate, seeing new churches start, and uniting the church as they work in teams to show the film. Broken homes and ethnic conflicts have been resolved as a result of the film.


The Jesus Film Global Church Movement tool is a multi-integrated means to reach everyone, everywhere and every year in the language they can hear. The Jesus film is the most translated film in the world in over 1000 languages today. In Liberia, it has been translated into 12 Liberian local languages.