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“Reach the Campus today, reach the world tomorrow” is a true statement because the critical one percent of today’s world leadership is on the University Campuses. The GCML Student Movement started on the University of Liberia since 1979.


The Great Commission Movement staff who serve at the Universities and other educational institutions insure a “student led and staff directed ministry.” Those who are Won to Christ are Built in discipleship, prayer and Student Life fellowships. They are trained at retreats, annual LEGACY student’s conferences and special projects, i.e. Project Nehemiah (a rural outreach project with the church community). They are then Sent as student leaders to equip other students become leaders.


The weekly small discipleship groups are the key strategy to reaching the universities and it is working. There is Hope for the future of our country.


Today the Student Led Movement has ministry on four universities and one polytechnic institution. The four Universities are: University of Liberia (UL); Cuttington University (CU); United Methodist University (UMU); African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU). The polytechnic institution is the Stallas Maris Polytechnic.