The Great Commission Movement of is non-denominational Christian Organization that got started in 1951 as Campus Crusade for Christ by Dr. Bill and Vonette Bright at the University of California, USA.


At that time Dr. Bright had the privilege of leading, for his church, a deputation group of more than a hundred dedicated college and post-college age young men and women who wanted to become disciples for the lord Jesus Christ.


They covered approximately 30 assignments each month, visiting the local jails and hospitals, skid row missions and wherever they felt they were needed.


Dr. Bright soon discovered that they had to wait their turn to go to jail services and skid row missions because there were many other churches covering this area of service.


One day it occurred to Dr. Bright that there were no waiting lines to reach college students or the top executives of the city.


Here were the neglected leaders of our world, both today’s and tomorrow’s.By this time Dr. Bill and Vonette Bright had become increasingly aware that living for Christ and serving Him was their major goal in life.


As a result of this awareness, they decided that they would sign a contract with the Lord. What was to happen as a result of this contractual commitment, the Bright’s did not know, but they were sure that God did; and within a few short weeks, as they continued studies, teaching, deputation work and business, His plans began to unfold.


One evening, while Dr. Bright was studying for a Greek exam, during his senior year in seminary, suddenly, without warning or without any indication of what was going to happen, he sensed the presence of God in a way he had never known before.


At this time and in a very definite way, God commanded Dr. Bright to invest his life in helping o fulfill the Great Commission in his generation. He was to begin by helping to win and disciple the students of the world for Christ, though the how was not spelled out in detail.


The next day Dr. Bright went to one of his favorite seminary professors, Dr. Wilbur Smith and shared his experience. As he shared, Dr. Smith paced back and forth in his office, saying again and again, “this is of God.  Let me think and pray about it”.


The next morning when Dr. Bright arrived for Dr. Smith’s seven o’clock class, Dr. Smith called him into a counseling room and handed him a piece of paper on which he had scribbled these letters “CCC” after which he had written “Campus Crusade for Christ”.


He explained that God had provided this name for Dr. Bright’s vision. Because of Dr. Bright’s passion and concern to be obedient to this heavenly vision, the first major decision he made was to drop out of seminary with only a few units remaining before graduation.


The next move was to look for an advisory board of outstanding men and women of God to advise and give counsel in the establishment of the ministry. The events that followed were prayer and meditation concerning where God wanted to launch the ministry?


Increasingly, the University of California at Los Angeles became the focus of the Bright;s attention. It seemed to begin here, at a university in 1951 that had a strong, radical minority which was exercising great influence and was causing a number of disturbances.


The Bright’s realized that if their venture for Christ could succeed on this campus, it would be likely to succeed on any campus.


In the course of a few months at UCLA – in meetings after meetings – more than 250 students, including the student body president, the editor of the newspaper and a number of the top athletes, committed their lives to Christ. So great was the influence for Christ on the entire campus that the chimes began to play Christian hymns at noonday.


By this time the news had spread to other campuses, and student, faculty, laymen and pastors in various parts of the country were asking the Bright’s, “Will you help us? We would like to start Campus Crusade on our School or in our community.”


At this point Dr. Bright was reminded that the vision that God had given originally embraced the whole world. Therefore staying at UCLA would be a disobedience to God’s vision Today the Movement has spread from the University Campuses to every domain of society over 300 countries of the world, with over 1,500 staff and 20,000 associates, volunteers and other support staff.


In 1974 GCML got started in Liberia by AGAPE Staff (Missionaries from various countries who were trained vocational personal in different disciplines and strategically placed in government and private agencies, by the then Ministry of Action Development and Progress.