Christ has commanded his followers to go into all the world and make disciples (Matt. 28:18-20).


We invite you to be trained & receive His Power to effectively obey this command as a way of life through the various GCML Movement Critical Components (MCCs).


You can also help impact change in Liberia and the world for Christ through GCML by praying, investing financially and becoming a Full Time Staff, a Volunteer Staff or an Associate Staff.


Staff Categories In Detail


Full time staff members


A full-time staff member is a full time missionary in the service of the Lord who has met the qualifications & standards of a staff member. He/she do not make a salary but trusts God to provide his/her ministry support & personal expenses through the gifts and donations of churches, friends, family and others. These investors then become ministry partners on the mission team of each full-time staff. The full time staff is required to attend the nine months New Staff Training, and is committed to the ministry of Great Commission Movement to the extent that he is supported for full-time ministry.


Qualifications and Standards for all Full-time Staff Members in Liberia


We recognize that all Christians are called to help fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord as recorded in Matthew 28:18-20.  The Great Commission Movement of Liberia has highly specialized ministries in specific areas.  Therefore, we emphasize that those who have a call from God to join the Movement must be best-prepared people to properly organize God’s resources and use them in the most effective way.  Consequently we set the highest standards of qualifications for our staff. These standards we believe will minimize double mindedness, lack of confidence, low commitment and fruitlessness.


The basic spiritual qualifications that are absolutely essential for every potential staff member are a heart for God and a teachable attitude.  These spiritual qualifications underlie the basic qualifications and standards for staff. (Please refer to the Great Commission Movement of Liberia Staff Policy Manual Section C: Human Resource and Staff Standards, pages 9-10).


Associate Staff members


Associate staff standards and qualifications are the same as full-time staff.  She/he may have a full time job elsewhere but is required to put in at least 5 (five) hours of ministry field work per week and do not receive a salary from the Great Commission Movement of Liberia. The associate staff is to send in a monthly ministry report to his ministry supervisor.  In addition, associate staff is required to attend all local staff meetings, West African Area Staff Conferences, staff training and are encouraged to attend other training at the local level.  All associate staff must be subject to an annual evaluation of their ministry by their ministry supervisor.


Volunteer or affiliate Staff Standard and Qualification


Volunteer staff will meet the qualifications of the individual ministry and volunteers to serve with Great Commission Movement without compensation for his services.  She/he is not required to attend weekly staff meetings, New Staff Training or West African Area Staff Conferences. However he/she is encouraged to be faithful to his/her local ministry team, complete all local discipleship trainings and have a personal movement in a designated target area. In addition, the volunteer staff will be required to put in at least four hours a week in his assigned target areas.  The volunteer staff is to send in a monthly evaluation of his ministry by his ministry supervisor.