Mission-Critical Components


Student-led Movements


Leader-led Movements


Church-led Movements


Virtually-led Movements


Prayer Inspired/Inspiring Movements


Capacity-accelerated Movements

- Leadership Development & Human Resources
- Operations
- Fund Development





1.       Connecting Lost People to Jesus


One-on-one Evangelism and follow-up with new believers in a specific target area, with a specific target audience and a specific local language. Here, the new believer begins to discover his new adventure of following Christ


2.       Life-changing Discipleship


Formal follow-up in discipleship (growth groups) where the new believer begins to discover his new relationship in Christ, while interacting and growing in a Christian family atmosphere with likeminded believers. The believer also begins to build one’s own conviction about life, based on scripture.


3.       Multiplying Leaders (who mobilize and mentor others to lead)


At this mature stage, the believer is now an associate trainer, a second generation disciple leading his own growth group and helping his group members to have their first generation disciples.


4.       Generating Self-sustaining Local Resources


In order for the Movement to qualify as an indigenous one, which is an essential characteristic, it will have to raise local Manpower, Money and Material. The emphasis is local so as to create the sense of ownership and patriotism.